Currently we have over 100 broker/agents worldwide earning from $50,000.00 to over $100,000.00 annually.These are  not salaried position, but there is a sign on bonuses up to $50,000. 00  based on the experience  of the broker and upon reaching set performance goals.


 To apply to become an Agent of ours, you must fill out and send in your resume and send a description of your organization, and an Enlarged Color Copy of Your Passport Picture Page.Our many opportunities are best suited for retired financial executives, business executives, business entrepreneurs,sales executives and professional such as CPA'S, CFO'S financial planners/advisers,real estate agents.
If your application is accepted, you do not officially become an agent right away. After sending three customers within a six month time period, you will officially become an agent and become  eligible for the sign on bonus. We do this to avoid officially naming  and training agents, who are not capable of selling our services.

We have a network of over clients interested in financial services and a network contacts consisting of Agents and Brokers offering financial services. We facilitate contacts between those requiring a specific service and those offering that service all over the world.
To schedule time to talk with me about what we now offer for entrepreneurs relative to raising capital and our coaching and development services; partnering to utilize our due diligence portal and investor relations services; or our growing network of informed investors.

The Authorized Agent Contract Agreement applies to the procurement of offers and purchases or lease of Bank instruments, Bank debentures, Bonds, Currencies and Leasing of Bank Instruments. The Authorized Agent Contract Agreement is valid for a period of two years and is renewable pending the mutual consent of both parties, who have applied to become Agents of ours that in order to become an Authorized Agent and get exclusivity for a particular geographic area, and to be able to use the Authorized Agent logo of our international  Asia Pan Pacific Savings and Loan on the following terms and conditions:

Requests from your clients to lease or buy  bank instruments or use  any of our debt or equity investment services will be sent through the corporate offices in Singapore for review.We will review the request and advise you of the terms and conditions under which we can conclude the lease or sale of the bank instrument or other many financial services  services .

You can draw up and sign NCND agreements and preliminary FPA’S on our behalf to create transparency in the transaction. All documents generated by your offices are to be faxed or e-mailed to us for confirmation, approval and filing.
All papers issued will carry the clause “SUBJECT TO CONTRACT” and as per ICC RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE TRADE.

As an agent you will become a party to the contract, and you will be the intermediary on the LESSOR side and get the  commission on the Lessor side and you will be able to offer the percentage on the Lessee side to any intermediaries involved in bringing you the client. In the event that there are no other intermediaries for the Lessee side, you will still only collect the from the Lessor side and your client will save percentage  on the total price. Any abuses of this arrangement, whereby you attempt to collect on both sides will result in the immediate cancellation of the entire transaction, and the dissolution of your Agent Agreement.

Here are a just a few areas that we have successfully assisted clients:
Standby Letters of Credit
Real Estate Venture Funding
International Commodities Trades
Project Financing
Equity Financing
Import/Export Commerce

​you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to become an agent, contact us per the instruction above.